Frolicking with Family

This was a week for meeting new people, visiting old friends, and reuniting with my family.  All of which are important in their own ways.  I didn’t do any writing/editing, but sometimes I have weeks like that (well, at least when I’m in between projects).  

Life has been hectic since I returned from Conestoga–all those reality blahs seem to hit harder when I get back from a trip.  Monday morning I picked up my son; I missed him so much while I was gone!  Tuesday was a catch-up day for laundry, cleaning, returning books to the library, etc.  Wednesday we visited my good friend Stephanie whom I hadn’t seen in…over a year?  She has a nine-month-old daughter now who I hadn’t been able to meet before!  Steph and I talked about writing, reading, and motherhood–it was wonderful.  Thursday my parents arrived for a visit!  It’s their first time to our new house.  We all went to Iowa for a Single A baseball game, and my son clapped at all the right times.  We have a big weekend planned with my parents; it’ll be busy but a lot of fun.  

This coming week I plan on reading Stephenie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn and hopefully either editing or working on my query list.  LiveJournal has been busy this week, what with all the Conestoga recaps and comments.  All the blogging/making friends is fun, but I’ll have to cut back if I want time to edit.  Tuesday’s Topic will be…I haven’t decided yet.  Possibly something based on a Conestoga panel.  Tune in and be surprised!  🙂  And now for the most important part–how was your week?  Any highlights or achievements you want to share??


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