Vacation Frolics

Good news #1:  I’m on vacation, and the weather is fabulous!
Good news #2:  my hotel room has wireless internet that works!
Good news #3:  I heard back from two more of my readers this week, and they both had great things to say about my novel!  Savannah–representing my target audience–did a lot of fangirl squeeing, which was wonderful to hear.  And Jenny loved the characters and the plot, which was encouraging.  She works at a school, so she gave me useful feedback about some of my characters sounding older than your typical twelve-year-olds.  She’s right, of course–it’s something I had worried about before, and Syd mentioned it in passing during her review of the story.  But before this can turn into bad news, I think I know how to remedy the problem.  I had reasons for picking the age of twelve for my protagonist, but I think I can safely push her to thirteen without causing too much trouble.  Plus when I start re-editing (hopefully next week), I’m going to rephrase/rewrite some of the dialogue to sound more appropriate.  So thank you, Vannah and Jenny, for all of your help!

So how about all of you??  Any good news or weekly highlights you want to share??  I’d love to hear them!  And come back on Tuesday–I plan on blogging about critique partners.  🙂


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