A Tired Frolic

This week was a bit rough for me–just too tired and busy all week.  I hate being in any kind of transition, so it’s always hard for me to come back from a vacation and try to unpack and catch up on everything.  Plus I started potty-training my son this week, which required more patience and energy than I felt sane enough to give.  He’s doing well though, despite our lethargy.  

The good writing news for the week is that I was in contact with several of my test-readers.  I saw Kim, Victoria, and Savannah in person, and I talked to Syd, Pat, Jenny, and Stephanie via email.  Today I got a raving review from Victoria and some initial impressions from Pat.  I’ve already received a lot of great feedback, but I’m stepping it up a notch by sending them all a list of eleven questions.  The questions involve issues I’m especially concerned with, so I’m hoping their answers will help me brainstorm solutions to the problems.  

I have to run for now–Son is demanding my attention.  But I’d love to hear good news from any of you!  And tune in next Tuesday for another topic!


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