Frolics with Percy

This week went fast, with lots of family stuff to keep my busy.  I didn’t do any writing/editing; but I did talk to Pat about a lot of CP stuff, which was fun.  Also, the website had a record number of visits this week and some great comments.  I’ve been working on some improvements for the site, which I hope will make it easier for people to keep track of posts.  More on that next week, if I have time to finish the changes.  

Yesterday the library finally called me and said my copy of THE BATTLE OF THE LABYRINTH by Rick Riordan was ready to pick up.  I stayed up late last night and tonight to finish it.  I’m hoping to write a review of it this weekend.  For now I’ll just say that I LOVE this series (Percy Jackson and the Olympians); can’t get enough of it, and can’t say enough good things about it.  

So how was everyone else’s week??  Any highlights or news to share??  I know a lot of public schools started up again this week.  *a collective wail echoes around the nation*  So perhaps this is not a week of optimism.  🙂


3 thoughts on “Frolics with Percy

  1. Well, since you asked. 😀

    Robin McKinley just announced on her blog that the ELEMENTALS: FIRE has gone to her editor(s). It’s the second volume of a short story collection, written by herself and her husband and fellow writer, Peter Dickinson.

    I, of course, am beyond enthused that there might be TWO new McKinleys out next year (FIRE and PEGASUS, about which McKinley also released a tantalizing tidbit: it’s somehow connected to one of her other books, which might be the closest she gets to writing a sequel*) — and this on top of CHALICE’s release next month!!

    *Perhaps she should just approach sequels tangentially. . . 😉

    And then two Canadians won medals at the Olympics: Simon Whitfield, a teacher from Victoria, won silver in the men’s triathlon, and Eric Lamaze won gold in the individual show jumping event (team canada won silver too).

  2. Yeah, Erin, that CP stuff was fun, intermingled with writing a newsletter article and preparing for Sunday. You might regret telling me that you like long e-mails. =) Your stuff is the only reading I was able to get done this week, but I’m looking forward to reading your review of Riordan.

    @ handyhunter – I’m from the U.S. but love rooting for the Canadians in any sport. I’m glad to see ya’ll getting in the medal hunt. Go Canada!

  3. Handyhunter–thanks for sharing your enthusiasm! I really need to find time to read McKinley. And I haven’t watched nearly as much Olympics as I’d like to, but I’m glad Canada is doing well. 🙂

    Pat–I never mind getting long emails! It’s replying to them that might take me awhile, LOL. I owe you an email right now, as a matter of fact. Maybe I’ll get to that tonight…along with the Riordan review…and a million other things. 😉

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