Birthday Frolics

This week is mainly devoted to my son, who just turned three.  We’re having a birthday party for him on Saturday.  I can’t believe he’s three now!  It’s like he’s leaving babyhood behind forever.  I mean, think of all the toys labeled “3 and up.”  Now he’s expected to play with tiny pieces and not try to swallow them!  🙂  He’ll be starting Sunday School soon, and he’s even old enough to be enrolled in some preschools… if I wanted him to be.  I’m not ready to let him go yet.  Maybe next year he’ll go to preschool, but that depends on where we’re living and the quality of the school system.  

Anyway, I spent most of this week shopping for presents, cleaning the house, and getting ready for the party.  But I did spend Tuesday morning with Elyssa, a fellow writer and toddler-mom who lives nearby.  We took our kids to the library, park, and a restaurant for lunch.  It was nice to talk shop with someone who’s in the same boat as me.  A writer/mom with a personality and sense of humor similar to mine–I thought those people only existed on the Internet!  🙂  The more I accept myself as a writer, the more I’m likely to share my writing goals with other people… which leads to unexpected friendships.  It’s amazing how much happier we can be when we’re honest with ourselves.  

So how about all of you??  Any writing accomplishments for this week, or highlights you want to share??  By the way, Tuesday’s topic got more comments than any of my previous posts!  Thank you for the great discussion, and I hope to hear from everyone again!


2 thoughts on “Birthday Frolics

  1. Seeing as no one else has commented yet…
    Writing accomplishments for the week: I wrote 2 chapters for my story, one of which I’m very pleased with because it worked out better than I thought it would.

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