MORE Birthday Frolics

Last week was my son’s birthday, and this week was my husband’s birthday.  September is THE birthday month around here.  Next week my dad, my niece, and my friend Stephanie all have birthdays (Happy Birthday, guys!)!  Fortunately we just had a small party for hubby, or else I would have keeled over.  I feel like I’ve been fighting off a cold the past couple days, and all my energy is vaporized.  I’m getting behind on emails, birthday cards, and thank-you cards… not to mention editing.  *sigh*

On a happier note, Pat gave me a great idea on how to improve Ch. 1 of my story.  At least, I think it will work–I’ll have to write it to make sure.  Hopefully I can soon dive into edits and tackle Ch. 1.  I also talked to Vannah and Vicki quite a bit this week, which was nice.  🙂  I love those two.  

By the way, I’m adding a new link to the “Resources” page:  the blog of literary agent Nathan Bransford.  I’ve subscribed to his blog, so now I get his amazing posts in my email.  This is GOLD, people.  If you’re looking for an agent or will be in the future, you can’t go wrong with all the great information Bransford is providing.  I feel like I ought to be paying him, LOL.  

So how about everyone else?  How was your week?  Anything you’d like to share??  Hope to hear some news!


2 thoughts on “MORE Birthday Frolics

  1. On the sharing front, I came across this post by Elizabeth Bear, whose books I’ve not read, but whose livejournal I may start following: My job as a writer is to manipulate people. It’s what stories do. However, my job as a writer is to make them collaborate with and enjoy being part of the manipulation, not feel like I’m jerking their chain. Sound advice (the whole article, not just that quote), imo. 🙂

    And happy birthday to all the September born!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed the article. It reminded me of some not-so-good books I’ve read. 🙂 Very interesting…

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