Planning to Frolic

Since Tuesday’s dilemma, I’ve had a change of heart–based partly on the LiveJournal comments and partly on my own honest evaluation.  I know I had a lot of reasons for delaying the query process… but all the reasons involved my worries and zero self-confidence.  I don’t want to talk myself out of querying just because I’m scared, naive, or unsure.  Playing defense gets boring after awhile; it’s time I go on offense.  

As a couple of my friends pointed out, October is a better time to query than November or December.  No doubt agents get busy with holidays, too, just like other people!  🙂  Not to mention the swarm of query letters for NaNoWriMo manuscripts.  I love NaNo, but I don’t want caught up in that slush pile from Hades.

So here’s my NEW plan.  This week I’m going to finish reading a book I’m in the middle of… and that will probably be the last book I read until December (I’ll still have my audiobooks thank goodness, which I can listen to via iPod while cleaning the house, etc).  Next week I’m going to create my spreadsheet with all the agents and info I’ll need for the first round of queries.  I already have a rough draft of a query letter, which I will polish and revise based on specific agents.  When I’m done with that, I’ll put the finishing touches on Book 1… which might last until the end of September.  I have to allow myself a couple days to outline for Book 2 though.  On September 30th, I’m sending query letters to a select (secret) number of agents on my wish-list.  On October 1st, I’ll start Book 2… and keep going until it’s done.  

Anytime between now and Thanksgiving, I could possibly explode.  I’m not going to schedule it in though.  If it happens, it’s going to be spontaneous.  

I also don’t have time set aside for agents who might happen to request partial or full manuscripts.  No worries–I will make time for those lovely people.  

Hopefully by Thanksgiving, Book 2 will be done and I’ll be represented by a fabulous agent.  LOL.  Hey, a girl can dream, right?!  Although I wonder if other writers daydream about turkey and cranberry sauce in relation to good news.  Talk about a reason to give thanks!

Before I go, a summary of the week.  I touched base with test-readers Marcy and Kim, and I carried on some great email discussions with Jenny, Savannah, and Vicki.  Last night Stan and Teriann came for dinner and pinochle, which was fun.  Today Elyssa and I took our kids to their first toddler music class!  We had such a blast that we all needed naps afterwards.  Seriously though, I’m looking forward to five more Thursday adventures and nonstop conversations with Elyssa.  Tomorrow Jill is coming for a visit, and Saturday is Laura’s birthday party (my niece, who’s turning four), which continues the great September-birthday tradition.  Sunday is Arthur’s first day of Sunday School (and my first day as a teacher).  Three of us are teaching since FIFTEEN kids are signed up.  Hopefully I don’t choose Sunday to explode.  

Okay, I have to go look productive now.  Despite the overwhelming schedule, I feel good about my decision.  Once I get off my butt and set goals for myself, I’m usually good at achieving those goals.  So my good news is that I’ve decided to query and write at the same time!  Anyone else have good news??  Please drop a line and tell me about your week!  Happy Friday, everyone!


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