Frolics to the Past

Turns out, there is an advantage to never throwing anything away.  Hard to believe, but true.  This week, in an attempt to prepare for my characters’ transformation from junior high to high school, I dug through my filing cabinet in search of my high school memorabilia.  Not only did I find my transcripts and a master schedule for my high school (score!), but I also found some old notes, tests, worksheets, etc.  Plenty of information to remind me of what I actually learned in high school.  *grin*  True, most of the info is from my senior year, but I did find World Geography and English assignments from freshman year, and Biology and Algebra 2 work from sophomore year.  I have no idea why I’ve held on to this stuff for so long.  The only logical explanation is that I knew, deep down, that someday I’d need it to write a story.  *snort*

I also spent a lot of time looking at old photo albums, remembering how my classmates and I looked as freshmen in high school (small and scared, with really bad hair).  I read some of my old journal (*shudders*), although only a few of the entries were from freshman and sophomore years.  I didn’t journal at all my junior year but then wrote on a regular basis my senior year.  Anyway, the point is I did learn something from my painful visit to the past.  Here’s a short excerpt from January of my freshman year:

My family thinks I’m in love with [guy’s name censored].  Whatever.  We’re just friends.

Okay, as embarrassing as that is to share, it does prove a point.  I was “just friends” with a guy during my freshman year.  And no, I wasn’t in denial.  My family thought something was going on because we spent a lot of time together–hanging out, going to movies, etc etc.  Despite all that, the guy and I remained strictly platonic all through high school and beyond.  It gives me hope that maybe my characters can still realistically be friends, too.  

I found something else during my filing cabinet excavation–more on that during next Tuesday’s Topic.  For now, I have to get back to work.  I started my rewrite on Wednesday, but I haven’t made much progress.  I’m changing a lot of Ch. 1 and getting bogged down in the process.  I’m excited about writing again though.  Now I just have to find the time to get it done, which always seems to be my biggest problem.  

Anyone have news to share??  Happy Friday, and have a good weekend!


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