Frolicking to Music

This week I finally wrote an opening scene that received a seal of approval from two friends!  I was so excited!  I ended up cutting all of my original Ch. 1, instead starting with the truck ride to Eddyville.  But I changed the dialogue, and the tone is darker, more tense, with hints of a storm and Ivy’s reaction.  I’m even rewriting the arrival at Walter’s house, because his original mood didn’t correspond with the new developments.  I’m hoping to finish the new Ch. 1 this weekend.  

In my opinion, rewriting is harder than writing the first draft, and harder than editing.  While editing, I took my first draft and made it better (tightened, added, improved word usage and mechanics, etc), which was hard enough.  Now I have this old Ch. 1, and I’m trying to decide whether to save sentences here and there to work in as backstory later.  I’m so involved in the story that it’s hard not to be biased, to give the reader enough info to understand but not so much that it’s an info-dump.  

And sometimes I wonder if the rewrite will make the story better or worse.  With the new beginning and the new tone, I’m worried that I’m straying too far from the essence of the original.  I hope I can stay true to the story and the characters, and that my family and friends won’t be disappointed in the changes.  

Since the test-readers of my original story are also biased (although not as much as I am), I found someone who hasn’t read the original–Elyssa–and she agreed to read my new version.  Woohoo–thanks, Elyssa!  I’m going to try sending her a chapter at a time and see how that goes.  Yesterday was the last toddler music class with our kids, so we’ll have to find new ways to socialize.  Play dates, here we come!

I have a busy weekend coming up, so I hope it goes smoothly.  Oh, that whole stress thing I discussed on Tuesday?  It’s going okay.  Today I took a sunset bike ride, which helped.  The house is clean, and the boys are fed.  Can’t ask for much more than that.  

If you’re interested in my latest music obsessions, check out my LJ blog!  Let me know if you have any news or developments to share!  Have a great weekend, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Frolicking to Music

  1. I just checked out your favorite bands. I’ve never even heard of most of them! (Must be country music)

    Have you started the new Stephanie Meyer novel, “Host” yet? I picked it up with a $50 gift card (along with another book and a calendar). Haven’t started it yet. If you want to borrow my copy, you’re more than welcome to. (Kicking self for not thinking of this earlier when you all were over.)

  2. Must be country music. Tell me you’re joking! LOL, no, none of those bands are country. They’re all rock/alternative; Sanctus Real is usually classified as Christian rock. Some people consider Switchfoot to be a Christian Rock band, but the band itself doesn’t use that label. Aqualung and Our Lady Peace have some deep songs, but nothing overtly religious.

    I’m kicking MYSELF for not telling you before that I own “The Host!” You could have borrowed mine (although maybe you wanted to buy it anyway for your collection)! Wait, I just looked at my bookshelf and it’s not there. OH, because Savannah and Victoria borrowed it, I forgot about that. Anyway, I really liked it, almost as much as Twilight (and more than books 2-4). It’s very slow to begin with, but I got hooked later on. I like the concept.

    Great party! We had fun! I’ll email you as soon as I put the finishing touches on Ch. 1…

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