Today’s topic:  what sacrifices do you make in order to write?

In the past year, I’ve given up TV altogether.  Once in a great while I’ll watch a movie, but that’s about it.  If I’m in the middle of a deadline, I don’t allow myself to read for fun (which is why I’ve resorted to audiobooks so often).  If I get really involved with a writing project, my house gets dirty and the boys receive lackluster suppers.  I risk alienating my friends and family while I’m engrossed in a story.  And the little fun things that keep me sane–nature, exercise, sleep–may fall to the wayside.  

Now I have a new sacrifice.  I’m giving up Internet… sort of.  Maybe.  Trying to.  I don’t know.  *sigh*  I’ll still check my email, and maybe I’ll pop up here with quick comments.  But I’ve found that it’s easier to just avoid the Internet altogether.  Once I start, it’s too tempting to read my friends’ blogs, or write an email to a family member, or check on my favorite websites.  Before I know it, an hour has past and I haven’t worked on my story at all.  

I really need to buckle down and concentrate on the rewrites for my book.  My goal is to finish by early November and query by mid-November at the very latest.  I’ve made a deal with my husband, who has agreed to take on some extra chores in order to help me meet my writing goals.  But the deal is only good for the next couple weeks, so I have to get a lot done, and soon.  

I’m going to finish those rewrites–I will.  And when I’m done, I’ll be back online, happily blogging and chatting and whatever it is I spend so much time doing.  By all means, e-mail me if something important happens!  I don’t want to be completely out of the loop!  🙂

So how about all of you?  Sure, we write because we love it… but it doesn’t come without sacrifice.  I guess nothing good ever does.


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