Dream Muses

Have any of you ever had a dream that inspired you to write a story?

I know Syd has, and Stephenie Meyer comes immediately to mind (not that I know her personally, but still, she counts). But I’m not the type of person who usually remembers her dreams. And when I do remember something, it’s often inane and useless.

So imagine my surprise when last night I had a vivid dream, complete with plot and a full cast of characters. It’s a brand new idea, something I’ve never thought about at all, and I have no clue how it spun itself into my subconscious. I’ve heard of authors dreaming about their current stories and finding ways to break through writer’s block. But is it normal to have a whole new novel appear in your dreamland?? Is this a sign that I need to write this novel?? LOL

The concept of the story is very simple, but it has a twist that I’m fond of, and characters I already love. Unlike my other story ideas, there’s no fantasy! Not sure what to think about that. Plus the whole plot takes place in one day, which would be different than anything I’ve tried before. I’ve jotted down all the ideas from the dream, so now it can simmer on my back-burner and maybe someday get written!

So what about you?? Are dream ideas a common occurrence that I’ve been missing out on?? I’d love to hear any anecdotes about inspirational dreams!

Rewriting update: I’m on Ch. 10 right now. I’m averaging one or two chapters a day, although Friday I finished four chapters (21,000 words!). I also recruited a former high school teacher of mine to help me with the ideas for freshman class material. Thank you, Mrs. Pond!!

I’m worried that my progress is going to slow down this week, due to a busy schedule. Hopefully I can keep plowing through! Have a great week, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Dream Muses

  1. Hey,
    I’m not going to tell you too much about my dreams, but they usually involve me saving the world as Spider-Man or Batman or something like that. (Oops, I opened my big mouth.)
    I’ve never actually dreamed a story or novel, though many nights I’ve drifted off to sleep running plots and characters through my mind. Or stayed up half the night trying to get a specific plot to work.
    I think the fact that you dreamed that novel doesn’t necessarily mean you have to write it, but it sure would be a shame if you didn’t! I certainly would like to hear about it if you’ve got the time and the inclination. And btw, there ARE good novels out there that are not fantasy! lol
    Hopefully see you on Friday.

  2. He he, thanks for sharing your inspirational dreams! 😉

    You know, I’ve tried thinking about story issues (plot, characters, etc) as I’m falling to sleep, because I’ve heard that your brain will subconsciously work on the problem and provide you with an answer by morning. But so far, I don’t remember that ever working for me, LOL. Maybe my brain is too lazy to work at night, heh.

    You’re right, there are good non-fantasy novels. 😀 I’m just not used to writing them! I’ll tell you about my idea next time I see you (Friday, perhaps?). By the way, did you get the Ch. 1 I sent you? I just wanted to make sure it didn’t get lost in cyberspace. Talk to you soon!

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