Halloween Frolics

Happy Halloween!!

I’m writing this Thursday night, in between spurts of packing.  Tomorrow my son and I are going to Laura’s house to babysit her.  Then in the evening when Jenny and Phil get home from work, we’re taking the kids trick-or-treating!  We’ll probably just go to Jill’s apartment and Pat’s house, and maybe a few other places.  That’s probably all they can handle anyway, LOL.  It should be fun!  Maybe Saturday night we’ll go out again to hit up the rest of the family.  🙂  

If you couldn’t tell by my excitement, this will be my son’s first year for trick-or-treating.  We didn’t live in the best neighborhood the last two years, so we never wanted to take him.  Now we actually live close to family and have somewhere to go.  Plus, this is the first year that my son has somewhat understood Halloween.  We read Halloween books and watched Halloween movies (like Clifford, Charlie Brown, etc).  Today we went to a Halloween party at the local library.  We are like Halloween experts now.  

I keep thinking my son will be scared of something:  ghosts, goblins, mummies, vampires, witches, monsters, etc etc.  Not that we’re showing him Dracula, but still; the kid’s unfazed by it all.  He’s more likely to cling to my leg when the toilet in a public restroom flushes too loudly than when we’re reading a ghost story.  I use spooky voices and everything, but he just loves it.  I think he’s going to be an urban fantasy fan when he grows up.  🙂  Of course, he might get scared while trick-or-treating tomorrow.  I’ll report back on Tuesday with details!

Rewriting update:  I’m on Ch. 12.  Not much progress since Tuesday because Ch. 11 kicked my butt.  I spent two days revising the Gabe-and-Ivy-save-cow scene, based on feedback from Kim and Greg.  I had to cut out the tractor part, which was unfortunate but necessary.  How can the story be complete without a tractor??  LOL.  Maybe Book 2 will have a tractor, just to make me happy.  

Okay, I really must get to bed now.  Anyone have news to share??  Hope everyone had a great week, and have a spooktacular Halloween!!


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