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Organizing Frolics

After Tuesday’s post, I felt motivated to get organized.  Wednesday night I rustled up every notebook and paper I could find involving music. I made a new spreadsheet containing every song for every chapter of the four planned books in my series. Only the Eyes of Lightning playlist is somewhat stable; other playlists will likely change during the writing process. Which is why I have columns for alternative songs, as well as for songs mentioned in the text. I even have a section devoted to great songs that didn’t quite make the cut. From now on, If I hear a potential song for a playlist, I’ll immediately put it in the appropriate spot on the spreadsheet. 

Next goal:  organizing my world-building details.  Ouch… not so easy. Ironically, some Fangs, Fur, & Fey authors were talking about world-building on a radio show today.  Very interesting–I highly recommend it if you’re building a fantasy world.  I sent in a question about how they keep track of their details, and I got a few different answers (and now I can’t remember who said what–I’m sorry!).  One lady had a three-ringed binder where she kept all her papers, pictures, etc; one used spreadsheets; and another lady used wikipedia software.  That caught my attention, because I hadn’t considered software before. Have any of you used it?  I’m wondering if it would be beyond my technical capabilities. I’ve heard of MoinMoin Wiki, but I don’t know if there are better options out there. Any opinions/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

This week I finished Witch Week by Diana Wynne Jones.  SO delightful and fun.  It starts when a teacher receives a note saying “Someone in 6B is a witch.”  And from that point on, magical things keep happening, and everyone (including me!) is trying to figure out who the real witch is. The characters were so real, and I found myself laughing at their words and situations. Plus the story kept me guessing, which is a necessity for my favorite books.  This weekend I hope to read The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, which everyone has been raving about!

Also this weekend:  the premiere of the Twilight movie! I’m going to see it with Vannah and Vicki on Sunday! Hopefully I’ll be dazzled.  🙂  This weekend is also first deer season, so be careful while driving! If the Cullens aren’t chasing deer, you can bet the humans will be.  

Let me know of any writing accomplishments!!  10 days left of NaNo!!  Hang in there, guys!!  And to everyone else–those without bleeding fingers and aching wrists–have a great weekend!


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