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Auction Frolics

If you read last week’s posts, you know that I offered to write Twilight fanfiction for the SupportStacie charity auction. They raised a total of $5613.61! The lovely Marcy bought my offer, so I need to start writing the 2500-word story (Marcy, any requests, beyond a post-BREAKING DAWN Christmas story?).  I’ll probably end up rereading BD for inspiration and research. If Marcy okays it, the story will also be posted online at  I’ll let everyone know if/when it’s available.  

Speaking of auctions, there’s another one currently underway. I’m not selling anything, but I might be buying. This is a charity auction to raise money for Jo Leigh, an author who lost her husband to cancer, and now she’s struggling to pay the medical bills. Go here for more information, and from that page you can reach the full list of items to be auctioned off. A ton of great stuff:  autographed books, ARCs, various author loot, and several offers by authors or agents to critique manuscripts, queries, or synopses. A critique by a professional–that would be really cool. I’ll try to bid if I can afford it! So if you’re a writer or a reader who wants to support a good cause, check out this auction (which ends in 2-8 days, depending on the items)!

When I finish writing the fanfic, I’ll be diving into research. Today at the library I picked up Spirits, Fairies, Gnomes, & Goblins AND Giants, Monsters, & Dragons (both by Carol Rose) to research new novel idea, as well as Manitou and God: North American Indian Religions and Christian Culture by R. Murray Thomas—to research for EOL sequel (since I haven’t yet decided which book I will be writing next). Plus, three audiobooks came in for me, so I am thrilled. My local library—only two miles away!—is small, but they order me anything I want. Nancy is by far my favorite librarian of all time. Not only does she know my son and me by name, but she also knows exactly what we like to read! Makes me want to work there just so I can talk to her all day!

I recently posted pictures and Christmas preparations on my LJ, which you can check out here if you’re interested. Anyone else want to share good news, accomplishments, or goals? I’d love to hear them! Have a great weekend, everyone!


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