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This was a strange week. Better than last week, but still busy and kind of crazy. Maybe that’s just December. I did finally get some Christmas shopping done, and I sent out most of my Christmas cards. I’m feeling somewhat overwhelmed by weddings, birthdays, and people visiting—which are all wonderful things, of course. I finally broke down and bought new winter stuff for Son and me: hats, gloves, boots, etc. Tuesday we got a couple more inches of snow, so we’ve been playing outside quite a bit. Sledding mostly, but also building forts and snowmen. Son has an odd (but useful) interest in shoveling snow. I feel like we might finally be adjusting to the cold weather… maybe.

I think the strangeness comes from a lack of writing. I still need to write the fanfic story for Marcy, so this week I’ve been rereading BREAKING DAWN—partly for research, and partly to get back into that world, that style of writing. But BD is rather long, and I’m spending too much time on the irrelevant parts. I’m finding that I enjoy it more this second time around; the first time I was too shocked by the pregnancy and the offer for puppies and the imprinting. Now that I know what to expect, I can appreciate the writing more, and the nice little details. Still, I need to buckle down and actually write something.

I listened to three short audiobooks this week, which was nice. I think I’ll create a new page just to list the books I read, because I don’t have time to review each one (plus I’m curious to see how many I read in a month, year, etc). But I will take a minute to recommend GRAYSON by Lynne Cox, about a woman who swims with a baby gray whale until they find his mother again. An informative look at the ocean, with emotional inspiration sprinkled throughout. I listened to the whole story while cleaning the house Saturday morning—a wonderful book!

I better get back to work. Anybody else have news or accomplishments to share?? I’d love to hear it! Have a great weekend!


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