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New Year Frolics

What a busy week! Hope everyone is enjoying the new year so far. We stayed home on New Year’s Eve, but we spent New Year’s Day playing cards and board games at Pat’s house. So much fun, but now I’m falling behind on everything (including this post!).

My biggest accomplishment of the week:  finally finishing the story for the Support Stacie auction! Pat critiqued it for me on short notice—thank you!—and then I revised it and sent the final version to Marcy (who’s been so patient and encouraging!). I hope it makes her smile.  🙂  She also allowed me to post it online; so if you’re interested, you can read “Edward Vs the Christmas Hooligans” here. It can stand alone as a story, although it’s really a sequel to “Edward Vs the Toddler,” a fanfic I wrote in 2007 which received 2nd place in Pel’s Summer Lovin’ Contest. “Toddler” takes place post-TWILIGHT, whereas “Hooligans” takes place post-BREAKING DAWN.  

I’m glad to have the fanfiction done so I can return to my original fiction. I’ve missed writing my own characters. I’ll probably spend January outlining, plotting, and researching my new novel. I hope to start the first draft on February 1st! 

This week I want to focus on editing for other people. I need to critique for Pat and edit my husband’s Master’s thesis (home ranges of feral cats). I’d much rather get into Grammar Nazi mode all at once instead of in spurts between other projects. I entered that state of mind while revising “Hooligans,” so I might as well stick with it. I even had to get out my LITTLE, BROWN COMPACT HANDBOOK so I could argue about semicolons and commas with Pat, LOL. But that’s okay; it’s good to have your writing challenged by someone with a different style. And I can always use a new, refreshing outlook on the technical aspects of writing… keeps me from getting lazy.  🙂

I better wrap this up now since I’m running late. Anyone else have New Year’s frolics to share?? Enjoy the first weekend of 2009!


2 thoughts on “New Year Frolics

  1. Yeah, Friday’s Frolics are up!

    Busy week! Besides everything you’ve already mentioned, I’ve been revising my novel; writing for work; and started a weight loss competition with my wife. So far, I’ve gained a pound. =( I could be in trouble with this competition.

    Oh well, have a great weekend.

  2. LOL, thanks for sharing, Pat! And since your wife and I are playing wallyball tonight, you better get some exercise too! 🙂

    I was going to bring my mp3 player tonight… then realized that Jeff took it to work. He’s supposed to bring it home for me on Monday though. So maybe I’ll get it to you next week.

    I got your two emails, but every time I sit down to write you back, I get interrupted! These comments are short enough to spit out though, LOL. I’ll talk to you soon!

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