Life Frolics

This, for me, was a week of personal obligations and upheavals. Apart from posts and emails, I wrote zero words; but I feel as worn out as if I wrote a novel.

The children’s program at church. The death of a friend’s mother. The critiquing of Husband’s thesis. The book release of a friend. A visit to my sister-in-law. Plans for the busy upcoming weekend. 

The most time-consuming, life-changing event of the week was deciding to send Son to preschool. We’ve been considering and debating it for awhile, but Monday I finally made the call for more information. Tuesday we toured the school, and it surpassed my expectations. Son loved it and wanted to go back. He has to get a physical on the 9th and a screening on the 12th, but then he can start preschool on the 13th if we want him to. Between now and then I have a mountain of paperwork to fill out. So we’ll give preschool a try, and I think it will work out fine… but I’m still a bit stressed and emotional over the whole thing. I think we’re making the right decision, but a tiny bit of doubt still lingers.

I spent a couple evenings playfully arguing with Husband about grammar and mechanics as I critiqued his thesis. It’s amazing how much scientific writing differs from fiction. I hope to finish critiques for Pat in the next few days.

This week I listened to four audiobooks, but there was no time for reading regular books. THE HUNGER GAMES sits on my desk, glaring balefully at me as I type this. Maybe next week? I need some stress-free time so I can savor it. I also need to add the audiobooks to my 2009 book list, but I’m too tired right now. Some other time.

I must go to bed before my head hits the keyboard. Anyone else want to share weekly news or accomplishments?? Have a great weekend, everyone!


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