Research Frolics

I didn’t realize until noon today that it was Friday. That’s what I call a crazy week.

Sometime this evening, eight college students will converge upon my house and stay until Sunday. It’s a weekend retreat for the Wildlife Society, which my husband is part of, so we volunteered to host it. I’ve never had this many people sleep at my house at the same time. I hope I don’t forget about them and accidentally trod on one in the middle of the night. I also hope to clean the house before they arrive. We’ll see how that goes.

My son had preschool three days this week, Tuesday through Thursday. He loves it! And the staff are so friendly–they’re letting me use their lounge/storage/meeting room while Son is in class. The room has this huge table, so I have plenty of space for my laptop, books, papers, and lunch. So instead of driving all the way home and back again (which would waste gas and half an hour), I get to stay at the school and write for almost three hours. It’s practically a dream come true, LOL. 

This week I’ve been researching for the new novel. I checked out three great mythology books from the library; I’ve finished all but one. I also started character sketches (which I’ll talk about more on Tuesday) and decided on names for all the characters in my book. The two main characters:  Kari and Blaine (Blay for short). If anyone knows why these two names should not be used, speak now or forever hold your peace. Seriously though… do they sound okay? Any major conflicts with other books that I don’t know about? 

Oh, geez, I have to run. Only a million things to do. Anyone have news to share?? Have a great weekend, everyone!


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