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I just finished packing for a weekend trip to my parents’ house. My brother and his family got the chance to fly home for “Christmas” (only a month late! The holiday that never ends!). So tomorrow we’ll drive five hours south to converge upon my parents, eat obscene amounts of food, and watch the kids enjoy a second Christmas. I’ve been looking forward to the trip of course, and excited about a reprieve from the cold weather. The ironic thing—this week my parents received nine inches of snow (we only received one inch here). It’s the most snow they’ve had in five years… and it happens the week I visit. I think God is playing tricks on me. Another odd coincidence—or not??—Wednesday I claimed my first illness of this winter. I don’t know how I stayed healthy this long, but I’m thankful. Son is sick too, but I’m really hoping we’re past the contamination stage. Considering how I only get to see my brother once a year, I’m much too selfish to not go on account of a cold. So I’d greatly appreciate any prayers for the car trip, our improving health, and the health of my family. Thank you!

I didn’t take Son to school today, but he did go Monday through Wednesday. He still enjoys it, and I’m still getting lots of work done! This week I finished the last mythology book from the library, and now I think I have enough background to start the story. I also finished Kari’s character sketch, and I’m almost done with Blaine’s. Speaking of Blaine… Jenny and I had several email conversations this week about whether or not to keep him as Blaine or to change his name to something else. I told her I wasn’t thrilled with “Blaine,” but it was the only name I could find with some significance to the story (I know it’s irrelevant, but I like my main characters to have names with good meanings). Then Jenny told me about this cool name site where you can actually search for the meaning you want! So I was excited about the opportunity and immediately went to search. I found a couple good names… but by then it was too late. Blaine was stubbornly refusing to be called anything else. I tried arguing with him, but it was futile. So now he’s Blaine the Pain, and I guarantee that label will show up somewhere in the story.

In happier news, Neil Gaiman won the Newbery for THE GRAVEYARD BOOK! How exciting for him! So if you didn’t believe my endorsement of the book, perhaps you’ll believe Newbery. Go forth and read! Also, Vannah informed me that the movie THE LIGHTNING THIEF, based on the book by Rick Riordan, has a current release date of February 12, 2010! If you haven’t already read the book, go get it! Then join me in the theaters a year from now! I can imagine these movies appealing to Harry Potter fans.

In publishing news, it seems like every blog/website I went to this week was talking about e-books, electronic readers, and the future of the publishing industry. Now I’m itching for an iPhone, or Sony Reader, or Kindle, or something. Maybe in a year or so I’ll finally get around to buying one. Anyone here have an e-book reader?

No doubt I have more news to share, but I’m done for. The cold is kicking me to bed. Anyone else have weekly news to share?? Have a great weekend, everyone!


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