Chapter Six Frolics

Remember how I said Ch. 3 of THE RIVER’S EDGE ended with a big supernatural scene? Well, Ch. 6 introduces another paranormal creature, and I had so much fun writing it. When I’m anticipating a new, challenging scene, I lower my expectations and let go of my control. Then the scene comes out edgy and rough, but also creepy and powerful. Somehow it just works, and I love it!

I’m still really congested, and I probably sound like a bullfrog. But I wrote through the sickness as much as I could. Many thanks to the people who watched my son while I worked: Jill, Sondra, and the fabulous staff at preschool! *applause*

Summary of word counts for this week:

Day 11: 1060
Day 12: 1769
Day 13: 2162
Day 14: 1606
Day 15: 2373
Day 16: 2515
Day 17: 1470

I’m 800 words behind my seventeen-day goal of 32,300. And with the busy weekend I have planned (visiting family and friends, and wallyball!), I’ll probably fall farther behind. Still, one great day and I’m back in the game. I’ll soon be halfway done with the first draft!

To follow up on last week’s Ode to LiveJournal, author Devon Monk is accepting questions on her LJ. This week she answered four of my questions about her first draft writing process. You can read the Q & A here. 

Anyone else have weekly news or accomplishments to share?? Have a great week, everyone!


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