Midpoint Frolics

If you read Tuesday’s post, you already know how my ears and novel were all infected this week. The word count suffered greatly, with two days of zero words. But I tried to rally back since I’ve been feeling better the past couple days. I’m still not caught up to where I should be, but the good news: today I reached the approximate halfway point, 40K words! I’m almost done with Ch. 8, so the chapters are averaging around 5K words.

Today is Day 24 of THE RIVER’S EDGE first draft. When I wrote EYES OF LIGHTNING for NaNoWriMo, I wrote 50K words in 27 days. This time around feels so different… but I’m not yet sure why. I’ll have to ponder and try to explain it more coherently later on.

Summary of word counts for this week:

Day 18:   0
Day 19:   0
Day 20:  1089
Day 21:  1422
Day 22: 2548
Day 23:  2409
Day 24:  2059

Anyone else have weekly news or accomplishments to share?? Have a great week, everyone!


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