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Spring Frolics

Ode to Spring   

Listen closely to hear
Pitter patter, chitter chatter,
Gusts of wind to blow and scatter 
Winter’s shiny bones. 

Gaze outside with hungry eyes
To devour all the color:
Sprout-green, robin-orange,
Enough azure to feast on. 

Run barefoot across the lawn,
Squelching in the chilly mud,
To feel the warming breeze of dawn
Whoosh against the skin.

Up the hill, huffing, puffing,
At the crest, slowing, sniffing,
The smell of earth and life
Affirmed in every breath.


And that, folks, is why I am not a poet. Still, I figured I should at least practice once in awhile, in case my life ever depends on poetry. When you’re at the bottom, the only place to go is up. Perhaps I should write a poem each season. I think I can come up with four poems a year… maybe.

I officially signed up for the Quad Cities Christian Writers’ Conference. Only a week away—I can’t wait! Plus Jill agreed to babysit Son, and Steph offered me her spare room, so I am all set!

This is Day 31 of writing the first draft of THE RIVER’S EDGE. If this was NaNoWriMo, I’d be done! How crazy is that?! Instead, I have more work to do. But I finished Act 2, and I’m almost done with Ch. 11. I managed to catch up on my word count a bit this week, and I’m hoping these last chapters will go even more quickly. You know:  fights to the death, climactic reveals, life-changing decisions, etc etc. Makes for fun writing.

Summary of word counts for this week:

Day 25: 1333
Day 26: 3953
Day 27: 1030
Day 28: 2021
Day 29: 2633
Day 30: 2096
Day 31: 2015


Anyone else have news or accomplishments to share? I’d love to hear it! Enjoy the first weekend of spring!


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