Last Chapter Frolics

That’s right—I’m on the last chapter of THE RIVER’S EDGE! Of course, I’d hoped to finish by Thursday night, so I’m still a little behind. My new goal is Friday night… because Saturday morning, we’re leaving to visit my parents! It would be wonderful to celebrate a finished draft during my little vacation.

I had some great conversations this week (in person and via email), connecting with new friends and reconnecting with old ones. I’m hoping to catch up on correspondence in the next couple weeks. In case you’re wondering if writers are grouchy hermits in self-imposed isolation, for me the answer is yes and no. I’ve been shut up with my laptop for the past six weeks—a necessary means to an end—but now I’m looking forward to socializing again. That doesn’t mean I’ll go up to strangers or volunteer for public-speaking gigs; I am, after all, still me: a grouchy hermit. But I’ve discovered that friends keep me sane, especially the ones who put up with my crazy schedule. So if you want to email or call me, now is the time to do it. After Easter, I’ll start getting busy again as I prepare for Draft 2.

Since I’m running out of time for my last chapter, I’ve been spitting out dialogue without much description. But I’m glad I decided to keep writing until the end, instead of stopping last week when I felt so busy and tired from the conference. No matter how much I pre-plot a scene, I always discover something new when I actually write it. In Chapter 15, I found some things I need to research more before Draft 2. But if I hadn’t written it out, I wouldn’t have realized the holes in my plot.

I didn’t write at all during the conference, but I’ve rebounded the past three days (mainly thanks to Son’s fabulous preschool teachers). Summary of word counts:

Day 43: 3025
Day 44: 3253
Day 45: 2460

So close! Thank you for listening to my crazy rambles; feel free to share any rambles of your own! Have an amazing weekend!


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