Updating Website

Just to warn you—this is not Tuesday’s Topic, which I’m pushing back to Wednesday. I’ll be discussing school visits, so tune in again if you want to hear about the classes I talked to today (and the one I’ll talk to tomorrow!).

If you’ve visited this site before today, you’ll notice a few changes I made over the weekend. The new header is probably the most obvious change; it’s a picture my husband took of a lake in Canada. I miss the owl photo, but I wanted water scenery to inspire me for THE RIVER’S EDGE.

Another big change:  I’ve narrowed my site’s intended audience from “all writers” to “beginning writers.” I realized that appealing to all writers was too big of a goal. Most likely, published authors already know all this stuff, so I should focus on helping those who could actually benefit from my research. Beginning writers can be of any age though, so it’s still a big audience to consider. We’ll see how it goes!

I decided to take out my old “Visitors” and “Books” tabs (although I kept all the lovely comments from those pages!). The visitors page didn’t work like I’d expected it to, and the books page seemed like a huge list to wade through. But the books aren’t gone forever; I’ll be listing my favorite Middle Grade books on the “Kids” page, and my favorite Young Adult books on the “Teens” page. Most of the books I read are MG or YA anyway, so you’ll still have access to several of my five-star book recommendations. 

Since the pages for kids and teens are new, I still have lots of content to add to them. I’m hoping to work on them later this week. I plan to include websites, contests, and publishing opportunities for kids and teens. Any other content you would like to see? Let me know!

I’ll still be blogging on Tuesdays and Fridays, but now I’m adding a “YA on Saturday” post. Even though “YA” technically refers to ages twelve to eighteen, I’m hoping my Saturday posts will also be helpful to those younger than twelve. If you know someone eighteen or younger who likes to write, please tell them about my Saturday posts. I’m hosting a summer effort to write the first draft of a novel (or novella, or short story, or whatever floats your boat). I’ll have more information about it on Saturday (May 2nd). It should be fun, and I’d love to see an enthusiastic turnout!

I better finish some work before I collapse in bed. I just wanted to alert everyone to the changes, and I appreciate your patience as I update the new pages. Thank you!


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