Excerpt from EOL

I can’t believe May is here already. April feels like a blur to me; where did the month go?! May reminds me that I need to soon start on the second draft of THE RIVER’S EDGE. I panic a little when I remember how much Reading & Research I wanted to accomplish on my between-drafts break, yet I did little R & R. I wish I could have a longer break; but with only three weeks of preschool left, I have to take advantage of my dwindling writing time. I hope to get TRE into the hands of my lovely CPs by July… which means I have two months of hard work ahead of me. No rest for the wicked. *evil grin*

I still need to add to the Kids and Teens pages—I apologize for the delay. My son’s been sick all week, and my immune system is doing its best not to collapse. Hopefully I can work on the website over the weekend. 

One of the wonderful fifth graders from River Ridge asked me where I write. So I thought I’d post a picture of my office:


Slightly messy, as usual. The other side of the office consists of two windows and a glider for reading in. Sometimes I take my laptop and sit in the glider to write, since my desk chair gets uncomfortable. My poor, overworked bookcase is so stuffed, one day it will probably just explode. I hung the “Welcome E. M. Rowan” banner on my bulletin board for inspiration! Thanks again!!

One of the boys from River Ridge (I’m sorry, I don’t know your name! Leave me a comment and I’ll credit you!) asked me if I could post my first novel on my website. After I explained why I couldn’t do that, I did offer to post a teaser. I realized that I’d never shared an excerpt of EYES OF LIGHTNING online, though I did post a small excerpt of TRE here

A little background for this scene: it’s told from the point of view of a 15-year-old girl named Ivy. She’s just had a fight with her friend Cal, and she’s upset as she races home on her bicycle. Gabe, a boy she likes, is her closest neighbor. So without further ado, here’s the excerpt from EOL:


Half-blind to my surroundings, I never saw the rock that popped my wheel and catapulted me over the handlebars. 

Luckily, I landed in the ditch instead of on the asphalt. I lay there with the wind knocked out of me, the taste of grass in my mouth and strange smells in my nose. My heavy backpack pinned me to the ground; I felt too tired and stunned and broken to get back up again. 

This was kinda nice, actually. I couldn’t breathe, so that ruled out crying. I’d just stay in the ditch for awhile, until it was late enough to go home without looking suspicious. Hardly anyone drove on this road… no one would notice me. 


Can’t a girl get any privacy around here? I listened to the footsteps running toward me through the weeds, but I didn’t look up or even move. Denial seemed like my best option.

“Ivy!” yelled the person again, and this time I recognized Gabe’s voice. Which made sense—he was the last person on earth I would’ve picked to watch me fly off my bike. Today must be the Irony Feast with me as the main sacrifice. 

I buried my face in the grass, wishing the ground would just swallow me whole. Then I could be Swamp Girl, protector of stagnant waters and roadside ditches. 


Hope that gives you a taste of my writing style. Thoughts or constructive criticism? 

Well, I can’t think of anything else to share at the moment. Anyone else want to share weekly news? It can be writing-related, or a great book you just read, or whatever makes you want to frolic.  🙂

Remember to come back tomorrow for the first ever “YA on Saturday!” Writers of all ages are welcome! Happy Friday!


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