Social Frolics

I’ve talked before about balancing writing with the rest of my life. I never seem to quite pull it off, but I keep trying. For some reason, my life tends to gravitate toward weekly themes. Writing weeks, networking weeks, travel weeks, cleaning/cooking weeks, reading weeks, sick weeks, etc etc. This week was a social week, which meant I spent almost every day attending social events or catching up with family and friends (and since Mother’s Day is on Sunday, the socializing isn’t over yet!). It’s a fun type of week; then again, every week has something good about it. But why can’t I figure out how to combine all these weeks into one week? 

Oh, right… cause I’m not Superwoman. But try telling that to a stubborn perfectionist. 

Here is one non-social thing I accomplished this week:  further updates to the Kids and Teens pages. But even that I can’t take full credit for, cause Sherry contributed big-time with some websites. One of those sites, NewPages, is probably the best resource I’ve seen for young writers. They have a huge list of magazines that accept work from kids and teens, as well as a list of writing contests. In fact, I lost all motivation to list further magazines or contests on my site, since it’s so much easier for me to just point at them. Make sure to carefully read a sample of the magazine and their guidelines before submitting anywhere.

Another website I’m excited about is KidPub, which seems to be the kid-friendly equivalent of FictionPress. They have a forum where young writers can post their work, plus information about publishing books. But I don’t personally know anyone who has used it, so if you’ve heard any good or bad news about it, please let me know!

Be sure to check out the other links on the Kids and Teens pages. If I stumble upon more information in the future, I’ll be sure to share it. And if you stumble upon some, please send them my way! I’d still like to update the Resources page by next week.

Tomorrow’s the second installment of YA on Saturday, in which I’ll talk about narrowing down ideas for a novel. Hope to see you there!

Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday, to all you mothers. Especially to my mother, who’s the best of the best (and yeah, she faithfully reads this blog, but I would still say that even if she didn’t!). Love ya, Mom.

And if my husband is reading this post, I want the same thing I want for every holiday—books. And a day off to browse Border’s would be nice, too. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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