Internet Updates

The most important thing I learned this week:  the Internet can never be fully conquered. You may reach stalemate or negotiate a treaty, but the Internet doesn’t lose (unless you throw out your computer and move to a cave. I know, sometimes it’s tempting). 

I had this shiny plan to update my website with every resource a writer could possibly need. Sometimes my naivety whacks me upside the head.

Did you know that if you Google “writing resources,” the search will yield about 76 million results? Not that I tried Google originally—I already had way too many resources at my fingertips—but I tried it just now out of curiosity. So you’ll realize sooner than I did how difficult it would be to make a concise list of writing/publishing sites.

You know how sometimes you go to a website, and you see this huge list of links? There’s so much information, you don’t even know where to start… so you end up not starting at all! I hate when that happens. Which is why I wanted a comprehensive list, but not a list that overwhelms people. Short and straightforward, the best of the best. 

If you want to see how I failed at this goal, click the “Resources” tab above. I could go on and on, listing more and more resources; but then I’d have an overwhelming list, and I would never get any writing done. So feel free to check it out—let me know the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

Obviously, my list is just a smudge on the surface of the writing world. Find what works for you and ignore the rest. The good: you can learn almost anything about writing via Internet. The bad: it takes a long time to wade through the useless and absorb the helpful. The ugly: increasing your writing knowledge is a never-ending process. I’ve been reading blogs and websites for over two years, yet I still learn something new every day. It’s both exciting and frustrating, but I just accept it and keep going. 

I also added a couple more links to the “Teens” page. By the way, “Resources” is for all ages. Kids will use some sites (dictionary, encyclopedia, biographies, etc) more than others (agent blogs and publishing info); but all the links should be kid-friendly.

Speaking of links, I just learned about ten mistakes writers often make. A must-read for any writer!

Continuing the war against computers, I tried to clean out my email account this week. I’m the type of person who hates to throw things away, and that annoying trait carries over to my inbox. A few days ago, I had over five hundred messages. I went through and deleted about three hundred of them, then organized the remaining emails into folders (Critiques, Stories, Pictures, Music, Registrations, Writing Industry, Nostalgia). I’ll probably never use most of those emails, but I can’t stand to throw away a lovely letter from a friend, or a piece of writing advice I might need someday. Yeah, I have issues. 

What about you? How do you keep your emails organized? Am I the only way who feels compelled to save them?

What writing resource are you looking for that you can’t find? Let me know and I’ll try to track it down. 

I think I’ve reached my limit for computer updates… for now anyway. Until I find the strength and will to resume the fight! Tune in tomorrow for “YA on Saturday” and Summer’s Ultimate Novel!


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