Please Advise!

I hope everyone enjoyed Memorial Day weekend! Mine was full of quality family time, which is the way I like it.

Now it’s Tuesday—topic day. Unfortunately, I have no topic. What I do have is an abundance of grouchiness, so I think it’s time to evaluate my life and prioritize. 

I’m grouchy because I need to start on my second draft, but I can’t find the time to do so. Son’s preschool ended last week, so I no longer have the afternoon writing time I’ve relied on since January. Husband is working on a computer project in the evenings, leaving less computer time for me (but I don’t blame him in the least, because his project takes priority over mine). I need to make the most of the writing time I do have, but I’m running myself into the ground and can’t seem to stop. 

So if I have limited computer time, and if a big chunk of that time should be devoted to writing, then my only option is to cut back on Internet time … which means less time for this website.

I hate the idea of skimping on my website. Many of you have told me to keep up the posts (and thank you for the encouragement!). So let’s see if we can reach a compromise. 

I’m not giving up YA on Saturday, even though the “Summer’s Ultimate Novel” posts are long and time-consuming to write. As a result, I need to cut back on my Tuesday or Friday posts. Here are some of my options:

1.  Postpone Tuesday’s Topics until the end of summer.
2.  Postpone Friday’s Frolics until the end of summer.
3.  Continue Topics and Frolics, but make them shorter (e.g., small insights into the second draft process).
4.  Recruit people to guest-blog (which might be more time-consuming than writing the posts myself, unless several people come forward to volunteer).  

So I really need opinions from all of you. Which option sounds the best to you? What do you enjoy most—Topics or Frolics? Any ideas to help me save time on posts?

Once Son goes back to school in the fall, I should have time to blog on all three days again. Until then, I need a solution to this problem. I’d love to hear your thoughts. I want to help you guys as much as possible, in the most efficient way. Please let me know if you have any preferences. I’m sorry to cut back on posts; but believe me, you don’t want to read the blog of a grouchy writer. *evil grin*

Thank you for your support!!


4 thoughts on “Please Advise!

  1. perhaps I’m not the person to ask about this, as I gave up on blogging last fall, but I don’t think it’s bad to take the summer off of some of your blogging. Summers are when Mom’s get to play outside, too.

    • Thank you—you just made me feel a lot better about taking a summer break. I do miss playing outside. 🙂

      But how does that philosophy apply to Guam, where you can play on the beach year round?? LOL

  2. bah…my last comic had an extra apostrophe just kinda tossed in and I couldn’t catch it before it was gone.

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