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Week Links

I wanted to share some links from this week while I clean out my inbox:

An interesting post about typewriters and computers creating different types of writers. And yes, I occasionally wrote on my parents’ typewriter when I was a kid, though I preferred to write longhand. I think I was in junior high when we got our first computer, so I’ve been married to Microsoft Word since high school. 

Struggling with writer’s block? Check out these thirteen ways to get writing.

This post discusses how you’ll know when your story is ready to send to literary agents. 

Speaking of agents, Rachelle Gardner talks about making the most of an appointment with an editor or agent at writers’ conferences.

Uncle Myron sent me a forward with this claim:  spraying Listerine kills mosquitoes. I’m tempted to try it … but now I wonder if I should be gargling the stuff. 

Okay, that’s all my linkage for today. In regards to my Tuesday post:  I think I’ve decided to relax my blogging for the summer. If I have short ideas for Tuesdays and Fridays, I’ll post; if I don’t, then I won’t. Sorry to be so ambiguous, but I can’t commit to anything solid. The one thing I will commit to—“Summer’s Ultimate Novel” every Saturday. If you stop by on Saturdays, you can always check to see if I posted anything earlier in the week. I hope you’ll continue to visit!

My less-than-fabulous week was topped off when Son needed two stitches in his forehead. He’s okay now … but if he never needs stitches again, it will be too soon for me. Thank God he wasn’t more seriously injured. 

Would someone please share some good news to cheer me up?  🙂  Happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “Week Links

  1. This will probably make your week even worse, rather than cheer you up, but I’m baaaaaack!

    And what happened to Son? Never mind, my wife probably knows and just didn’t tell me.

    And what’s this about relaxing for the summer? I finally get a reliable computer and you do this? Not fair!

    Oh yeah, I have a new e-mail address also, in case you didn’t notice.

    • You being back definitely cheered me up! 🙂 And I didn’t know about your new email address, so you missed my update about Son’s stitches. But I think I have it correct now—did you get my email?

      Now that you have a reliable computer, you can go back and read the posts you missed! *grin* And don’t worry, there will still be new posts … but maybe not as often. Hope to hear from you again!

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