This happens to be my 100th post on this website! *throws confetti* Also this week, the site reached 3000 hits! I know that’s peanuts compared to some websites, but I’m thrilled all the same. Thank you so much to my readers, especially you faithful ones who come back every week. Wouldn’t do it without you guys. *hugs*

Okay, enough mushy stuff. Moving on to another milestone—I finally started the second draft of THE RIVER’S EDGE! 

I’ve had a rough time adjusting to summer. For awhile, I was tempted to postpone the second draft and spend the summer reading on the beach. Not that I live anywhere near a real beach … and even if I did, I’d be chasing Son rather than reading. But you get my drift.

Last week, the authors at Through the Tollbooth (most of whom are mothers) discussed the advantages of taking a writing break in the summer. That made me feel better, like I wasn’t the only one struggling to make creative ends meet. And yet, I still wasn’t happy with my summer situation. 

Then I read this post by Dan Case. He says, “The need to create fictitious people and places, chronicle events, and share vital information is in our DNA, driving us to write.” He then challenged us to quit writing, to see how long we can go without envisioning a character or imagining a story idea. 

Um … I’d go into withdraw after a couple hours. I may not physically write anything, but I have some type of story or character in my head every single day.Sometimes writing makes me want to bang my head against the wall. But writing is still better than the alternative of not writing. I can’t shut my brain down, and trying to do so just makes me unhappy.

I knew I needed to work on my second draft. Last Sunday, I forged a block of free time for myself. Then I sat down and revised Ch. 1. I can’t even express how good that felt. Wednesday I worked on Ch. 2. I won’t be able to revise everyday, but at least I’m making some progress.

Off-topic:  I need to clean out my cache of links, so I’ll dump them here:  how to find the right writers’ conference for you; Rachelle Gardner’s advice on time management; what it takes for a blog to become a book; top ten mistakes in query letters; Nathan Bransford’s revision checklist and writing advice database. I know I just clumped a lot of information together, but all these posts were very good. If the topic is relevant to you, be sure to check it out.

Today I found out (via the sensational Cynsations) about a writing contest for kids in 3rd-7th grades! Author Cynthea Liu is hosting the contest and offering cash prizes. The winning stories will be compiled and published in a book! Find out more details here

And don’t forget—Mandy Hubbard’s PRADA & PREJUDICE is now available in stores! If you missed my interview with her, see Tuesday’s post.

I like milestones. I hope I get to celebrate many more in the future. Anyone else want to share news from this week?? Happy Friday, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. YAY Milestones! You’re amazing and I LOVE all your posts. You’re doing a great job missy. Except of course with the phone calls…I really need to talk to you lady!

    • *sheepish* I know, I’m terrible about calling!! I should’ve called Sunday, but then my Ch. 1 would still be sitting there, whining. I WILL call this weekend, I will! Right??

      Thanks for the comment, sweetie … love ya lots!!

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