Anderson’s Bookshop

The story of July 11th continued. For Part 1, see my previous ALA post

Victoria, Savannah, and I left the ALA exhibits around 5:00, found our car in the parking garage, and slowly drove across Chicago to Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville. Anderson’s hosted a book signing event with two authors, Sarah Dessen and Laurie Halse Anderson. We’d been lucky enough to see Laurie earlier in the day, but Sarah didn’t sign at ALA until Sunday … which was a great excuse to visit the famous Anderson’s Bookshop Saturday night. 

Here’s Vic and Sav browsing the YA books at Anderson’s (I was amazed by how many of the books were autographed copies!):

Anderson's Bookshop

Over two hundred people attended the event. Laurie and Sarah arrived at 7:00 to much applause and excitement, then took turns answering questions from the audience. To see a picture of the audience, check out Sarah’s blog.

I used my camera to record two video clips (my batteries died halfway through, hence the two videos instead of one). After talking to Allison Verost, Senior Publicist at Penguin, I now have permission to post these videos—thank you, Allison! Laurie and Sarah offer some fabulous advice for young writers, so I really wanted to share with all of you.

I apologize for the poor video quality. I was toward the back of the room, feeling warm and claustrophobic. So every time the video jolts sideways, imagine me getting twitchy. If motion sickness kicks in, close your eyes and listen to the words—which is the most important part anyway. You might have to crank the volume to hear over the background noise.

In the first video, the authors talk about their most recent books:  WINTERGIRLS by Laurie and ALONG FOR THE RIDE by Sarah. The last half of the first video and all the second video is advice for writers. So without further ado …

Thank you to Anderson’s Bookshop for a fabulous event! And many thanks to Sarah Dessen and Laurie Halse Anderson, for signing and chatting and being two of the nicest authors ever. You ladies rock!


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