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IBARW, Poetry, & Linkage

This is International Blog Against Racism Week , so I wanted to share a book list of multicultural science fiction and fantasy, courtesy of editor Stacey Whitman.

Also this week, Through the Tollbooth has been blogging about poetry. Even if you’re a struggling amateur poet (like me), check out these daily lessons that anyone could benefit from.

And now for the weekly links:


1. Writer’s Digest Poetry Awards. Any poem 32 lines or shorter. Deadline: December 15th. First place prize: $500.

2. “Garden Verse” Poetry Contest. Poems 40 lines or shorter. Deadline: September 1st. First place prize:  $250.


1. POV switching and goals for our protagonists.

2. Laurie Halse Anderson, whom I adore, is hosting “Write Fifteen Minutes a Day Challenge Month!” Check her blog every day in August for writing prompts and motivation.

3. Tuesday I mentioned how writers sometimes feel like failures or frauds. If that describes you, click here to read all the answers to Nathan Bransford’s question on dealing with the “Am-I-Crazies?”


1. 25 book blogs and pitching a blogger.

2. Marketing strategies.

3. This article explains why I love WordPress so much, and it lists ten cool themes for writers’ blogs.

4. Ways to prepare yourself for publication.


1. Writer’s Digest Conference, September 18-20 in New York.

2. SCBWI Summer Conference, August 7-10 in Los Angeles.

If I had unlimited time and money, I’d go to these conferences—especially SCBWI, which sounds amazing. Maybe next year? I’ll make it a future goal.

Anyone have news or frolics to share??

I can’t believe this is the last day of July—how did the month completely elude me?! Tune in tomorrow for the final installment of “Summer’s Ultimate Novel!”


4 thoughts on “IBARW, Poetry, & Linkage

  1. This is a great link: 1. POV switching and goals for our protagonists.

    But I had to stop reading halfway. Please don’t let me stop and think about changing to 1st person…

    • DUDE, no way are you changing to 1st person—my addiction won’t allow for the delay. Besides, I can’t live without POVs from Cy and Axel! Ari is still the main protagonist, and she has a driving goal (her sister), so I think you’re in good shape. 😀

      • Selfish selfish! LOL, but I’m glad you think Ari is still “outspoken” 😀

        I’ve had some major revelations today…I’m feeling a lot better about the direction it’s going 😀

      • Isn’t YOUR book supposed to be all about pleasing ME? LOL!

        Can’t wait to read the new revelations!! Keep it up, woman!! 😀

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