The Truth Will Set You Free*

It’s not always easy to share your hopes, dreams, and goals. Sometimes you can’t admit them to yourself, let alone to other people. It’s like opening your heart to the fire. What if you get burned?

Telling people you want to be a writer could expose you to ridicule or doubt. To say you’re a novelist is even harder. Will people think I’m crazy? Do they expect me to fail?

Approximately two years ago, I told Syd I wanted to write a novel. Before that, I may have joked about it with a couple family members … but telling Syd was the first time I was serious. Meeting Syd and sharing my dreams with her changed my life. She taught me Marketing 101 and forced encouraged me to write during NaNoWriMo. I know I would not be where I am today—a website and two (incomplete) novels under my belt—without Syd.

Taking that first step—admitting I wanted to be a novelist—was hard. The later steps got progressively easier. At this point, I’ve met so many amazing writers and received so much support, now I can tell a perfect stranger that I’m a writer. It’s still not the easiest thing in the world, but I stomp on my hesitation and just say it. I never know if the stranger might also be a writer, or someone connected to the writing world. I could be talking to a future critique partner, mentor, ally, or friend.

Of all the times I’ve said “I’m a writer,” no one has ever scoffed or laughed at me. Most people seem curious, or maybe even impressed. Perhaps they’re silently laughing at me … but I’m not a mind-reader, so what I don’t know fails to hurt me. Even if I did know, I would just turn and walk away. That type of person isn’t worth talking to.

With this new mindset, I’m happier now than I was two years ago. I feel like I’m finally being honest with myself and others. Like I’ve stepped into the most comfortable, well-fitted shoes in the world, and now I’m ready to run a marathon.

Think about your life. Think about every nook and cranny of your heart, mind, and soul. Any secrets lurking in there? Are you honest with yourself and others? Are you living your life to its full potential?

Don’t let fear chase away hope. Having a dream is more admirable than having a regret.

*John 8:32


2 thoughts on “The Truth Will Set You Free*

  1. Right backatcha lady! That whole time period up to Nano, realizing that I needed to write to be happy was like a dream. I look back at it and wonder how I got so lucky. Without your encouragement and your mentoring, I don’t know if I’d be where I am today.

    In the last two years since NaNo a lot has changed but your friendship and sistership has been constant. I’m very grateful for that.

    I think in some ways saying I’m a writer is easy (because I believe it in my heart and I can say it to myself ALL the time! Does that not count?) but I find that I am hesitant to first introduce myself as such. Thankfully my husband is right there next to me to blurt it out. Then I wait nervously for the question I know will follow: what do you write about? To which the only logical and reasonable answer would be: If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you. Unfortunately the times I have said urban fantasy, nobody knows what the hell I’m talking about. Then my very short and sweet description finally leads them to the conclusion that I am a quack and DO right about vampires.

    I think if you’re setting out on the endeavor to write you should surround yourself with like minded others. I know that my “writer” friends and I share a much different connection than my “real life” friends. Which is also why I’m trying to mesh those two categories into one and get E to move closer to me. If that doesn’t pan out, I guess I’ll be forced to join one of the local writing groups. Probably something I should have done a lot sooner.

  2. If we had never met, I think you would still be far beyond me. 🙂 You’re so smart, especially with technology issues, and you could always do online research to learn everything you need to know. Marcy would’ve still encouraged you to try NaNo, whether I was around or not! You definitely get the short end of the stick in our friendship, LOL! So I’m very grateful as well, and I hope our relationship always stays constant—or grows stronger!

    OH, I forgot about that dreaded follow-up question: “What do you write?” I struggle with that, too. Some people don’t know what Young Adult means, so I have to explain the difference between YA and children’s books. But yeah, I’m sure even fewer people know about urban fantasy, LOL. The upside—if someone does know UF, then you’ve found a possible kindred spirit! 🙂

    Very good point about surrounding yourself with like-minded people … writing groups, CPs, etc. That helps a LOT—gives you courage and support. And it would be so nice to have a “local” writer friend! Missing you! *hugs*

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