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As usual, I’m behind on sharing links. Lots of good ones, so hang in there …


Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition. Fiction, less than 1500 words. Deadline: December 1st. First Place: $3000.

Mandy Hubbard, author of PRADA & PREJUDICE, is offering a critique of: query, synopsis, and the first three chapters of your novel. Go here to enter!!

This is the last week of Stephanie Kuehnert’s Cyber Launch Party for BALLADS OF SUBURBIA, so check out the cool guest bloggers and daily chances to win free loot! I’m trying hard to win Danielle Joseph’s SHRINKING VIOLET!

Maria Schneider is accepting nominations for the 25 Best Writing Blogs, so go here to nominate your favorites.


Nathan Bransford’s Book Publishing Glossary.

How to give (and receive) a critique.

How to create a storyboard.

Why you need both craft and story in your novel.

A creative way to outline.

How to build a marketing platform.

How to showcase a great character in the first five pages.

The benefits of e-publishing.

Ever asked yourself, “Should I be blogging? But why?” If so, read this post.

If you’re not following the blog of Laurie Halse Anderson, you should be. Here is just one example (how to write good dialog) of her August marathon of encouraging writers.

Any news you’d like to share?? If so, leave a comment! And have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Weekly News

  1. How do you find these great blogs/links??? This post especially, “Why you need both craft and story in your novel.”, perfectly describes exactly what I’ve been harping about for months! And I know you’ve heard my complain about books just sucking lately…but that’s it! That’s the explanation — craft vs story…

    Great post E, I love it!

  2. Thanks, Syd! As for how I find the blogs, I just subscribe to several good ones. I receive all the posts in my inbox, and then I go through and pick the best ones to share with you! 🙂 I try to list most of those blogs on the “Resources” page, but I don’t think I’ve added “Editor Unleashed” to that list yet. I should though, cause it’s absolutely fabulous.

    Glad you liked the craft vs story link—and you’re right, it’s true! Makes a huge difference …

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