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Lots of Late Links

I haven’t shared links in so long, and my crowded inbox is driving me crazy. I hope at least one of these links proves useful to you …

Nathan Bransford’s “Will Authors of the Future Need Publishers?”

The possible future of newspapers and magazines.

The nuts and bolts of how a book gets published.

Rachelle Gardner explains advances and commissions for authors and myths of publishing and why you should go to writer’s conferences. Whew!

Can’t decide whether or not you want to start your own blog? Check this out.

Get inspired by the 25 Best Writing Blogs of 2009.

Ranking social networks—find out which is best for you.

Your professional Facebook strategy.

Should you write a memoir?

How to identify the literary agent of any book.

Find out what makes a good pitch(for a novel, not for baseball).

Examples of good hooks for children’s books.

Should children’s books be content-rated like movies and video games?

A checklist for tightening your manuscript.

Want to join a community of writers who post short stories every Friday? Read more about #fridayflash.

Quote of the week, brought to you by N. M. Kelby:  “I write when I am sleeping, lying, eating, flirting, praying, and pulling weeds. Living life is writing. It’s paper optional.”

I love that quote! Have a great day in the writing life!


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