NaNoWriMo & Contest

Wow, October is almost half-over already, and I’m inwardly panicking as autumn slips away. Saturday brought snow flurries, and I realized that none of my son’s mittens from last winter fit anymore. That’s how prepared I am for winter.

Soon November will arrive, and November = National Novel Writing Month! If you’ve never heard of it, I encourage you to visit their website and learn more. The goal is to write 50,000 words in November (or pass out trying). I participated in 2007 and loved it. It’s how I wrote 50K words of my first ever novel, EYES OF LIGHTNING. Once you sign up, you get your own profile page, and you can add friends and see their daily progress. Plus you’ll receive inspirational emails from published authors and get the opportunity to meet other local writers. Check out this blog post, which details some of the benefits of NaNoWriMo. Over 100,000 people will sign up—why not be one of them?? I would love to do it again … maybe next year. This year I’ll be moving into a new house!

If you’re 17 or younger and would like to participate—but don’t think you can manage 50K words on top of school, homework, and extracurricular activities—consider NaNoWriMo’s Young Writers Program. It allows you to set your own monthly goal, based on what you can reasonably achieve. Last year, 22,000 young writers took part in the program! Read the website for more info, and I’d be glad to answer any questions about my personal NaNo experience.

Now for the contest:  agent Nathan Bransford is hosting another first paragraph contest. All you have to do is leave a comment with your first paragraph of choice (completed novel or work-in-progress). If chosen as the grand prize winner, Nathan will critique either a partial or a query for you. But hurry—the deadline is 4 pm on Thursday!

Our moving date is fast approaching, but I’ll try to blog a couple more times before Internet silence begins.


6 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo & Contest

    • Really?? I didn’t know that! Did you participate last year, or before that? Is that when you wrote the first draft of Demas?

      Speaking of him, did my second attachment work?

  1. Yes, the second attachment worked. It was so helpful, as usual.
    Last November I wrote the first draft of Demas’ First Task in that month. 76,000 words baby! I heartily recommend it to any new writer.

    • 76,000 in one month—WOW!! For your first novel, that’s awesome! And with a baby, too! You could be a spokesperson for NaNo! I should have you guest-blog and inspire others. 😀

      Glad the attachment helped! Got your email today, and just finished a quick read-through of the two chapters. How exciting!! It might be a few days before I finish the detailed critique, hopefully Monday at the latest. Talk to you soon!

  2. I strongly support NaNo, espeically for young writers. This will be my second year bringing my young writing students along for the wild ride! And of course, we’ll celebrate with a post-NaNo party in December!

    • Post-NaNo party—what a great idea! What age of writing students do you have?? I would love to hear more about your projects!!

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