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A Time for Pondering

This will be my last Saturday post in awhile; next Saturday I’m moving! We haven’t decided which Internet provider we’ll use in the new house, so no guarantees on when we’ll get connected. Here’s the irony: two weeks after we move in, my son and I are visiting my parents for a two week vacation! So I’ll definitely have Internet at their house, and maybe some time to fire up the blog.

I am obsessive when it comes to unpacking. Once we move in, I keep unpacking until I collapse in bed at night. Then I get up and do it again, and again, until the last box is emptied. Yeah, I have issues. I hate leaving things unfinished. I’ll have to learn to deal with it though, cause this house will be a work-in-progress for quite awhile. Lots of little things to fix up, and possibly some remodeling in the future. Anyway, it will be good to get away for two weeks and not obsess over it!

So I hope to blog a little in November and December, and then return to a normal schedule in January. But in my absence these next few weeks, ponder the future of this website. What do you need to help you be a better writer? Because it might seem like I’m just here to ramble, but I’m actually here to help you! And I want to know the best way to approach usefulness.

A few people have expressed interest in an online book club, so I’ll try to start that in December. I’m thinking we’ll read and discuss one book a month. But consider the type of book club you want. Do you want me to choose the books, or do you want to choose? Should I post a lot of detailed questions, or just open the floor to discussion? Any ideas or requests?

I’m also thinking about a winter project on revision. Remember “Summer’s Ultimate Novel,” when I discussed the first draft process for two months? Well, the logical follow-up to that is a series on second drafts! I could start posting information in December, and then you could revise over Christmas break and January. What do you think—good idea or bad?? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!

Well, I haven’t planned much beyond that, but I’m open to suggestions. Tell me what you’d like to see, and I’ll consider it! By the way, this site just reached 5000 hits! I know that’s peanuts compared to some sites, but I’m easily impressed. And I love you loyal readers who visit every week. Thanks for hanging with me!


2 thoughts on “A Time for Pondering

  1. I’d love to participate in the book club. I haven’t been in one since high school. Awesome! I think that you choose the book, we all read it that month, then on the blog we talk about what was writing was good in the book, and what writing was bad, so then it’s not just about the story, but we’re studying it from a writer’s perspective. We could even take it deeper and read one book because the author is famous for giving good descriptions, and another that is good at story-pace, and one that is good at back story. Whatever you decide, I’m totally excited about it.
    I would definitely like some blogs on revisions. This is the left-side, analytical part of my brain that is hard to turn on. You give me such amazingly helpful comments in my story, and sometimes I wish you could write a whole paragraph on what went wrong. Like, when you explained to me about writing action scenes, that was SO helpful. I’d like to hear about what you think about dialogue, revising characters, big-picture plot development, and recognizing holes in the story.
    And thanks for all your help with this writer.

    • Ellie, thank you so much for this comment! And I love your ideas!! A book club for writers, that focuses on different aspects of writing—genius! I think I’ll keep churning book possibilities until November, and then choose one to start with. I’m excited, too!!

      And YAY for revision blogs!! This will be a challenge for me—I haven’t blogged much about revision—but I think it will help me understand the process better. I might need to borrow some of the comments I gave you, cause it’s hard to just make up examples. And I might need your help down the road, getting ideas and explaining them in a helpful way!

      I’m always thrilled to help you, Ellie. Thank YOU for your support. Love you!

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