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Last Attempt at Links

Trying to empty my inbox before I move. Pick and choose what works for you …

The big news last week was “Should you consider self-publishing?” Christian publishing house Thomas Nelson opened a self-publishing imprint called Westbow Press. Is this the future of publishing? If so, writers will have to put up a lot of money to publish a book.

Feeling depressed by the publishing industry? Read this to feel inspired and optimistic.

And more inspiration.

Top 10 blogs for writers.

Need an excuse to step away from the computer and just relax? Here it is.

What to include in the bio paragraph of a query letter.

How Twitter helps writers.

Guidelines for word counts of novels and children’s books.

Should you pay someone to edit your work?

Should you submit to editors without an agent?

Full job description of a literary agent.

The finalists of Nathan Bransford’s first-paragraph contest. Nathan announces the winner of the contest and shares his thoughts on first paragraphs.

I’m all linked out. Hope it tides you over for a few weeks!


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