Saying Goodbye

I feel like I’m living in a warehouse, surrounded by boxes and disjointed furniture. I’m almost all packed now, except for the things we’ll need for the rest of the week. Saturday morning, we move to a new home.

In many ways, I’m excited about the new house. I love the location—within walking distance of my husband’s office—and the town itself. I like the neighborhood and the school district for when my son starts kindergarten. The house is cute, with lots of potential. And most importantly, we’ll own it, not just rent it.

But I’m also sad. The worst part is moving farther away from friends and family. I won’t get to see them as often as I do now. And I’ll miss other things …

I’ll miss big sky:


I’ll miss country living amongst the river bluffs:


I’ll miss peace and quiet and privacy:


I’ll miss unblocked sunsets:


And I’ll miss the big, beautiful house that holds so many memories:


Now I must say goodbye to all these things as I begin a new stage in my life. Thank you, God, for all these blessings.

And a temporary goodbye to you, blog readers. I’ll be back online in mid-November.


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