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Introducing WERE

Last June and July, every Saturday was devoted to “Summer’s Ultimate Novel” (SUN). Some of you used that time to write the first draft of a novel. Some of you are writing first drafts right now as part of National Novel Writing Month. No matter when you write your first draft . . . at some point you’ll need to do a second draft. I know I need to work on my second draft.

My solution for motivating you and me:  a second draft project called “Winter’s Editing & Revising Extravaganza”—WERE for short, in honor of those paranormal creatures who change (as a second draft must change a novel). I know, it’s cheesy. Why must I always have acronyms? Why??

I’m taking a break from blogging next week to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. Then the Writer’s Book Club will start on December 2nd with the discussion of SHIVER (WEREwolves!) by Maggie Stiefvater. WERE will start on December 5th with the preparation for second drafts. I’ll jump into my second draft in January, and I hope you’ll join me.

At the right side of this website, you’ll see that I’ve updated the “Current Schedule.” WBC once a month and WERE every Saturday. Wondering what happened to Topics and Frolics? I wish I could still blog that often, but I just don’t have the time . . . not if I have any hope of finishing my own novel.

So I make no guarantees beyond weekly blogging, but I may have surprise posts once in awhile. I’ll try to keep you updated on any cool developments or contests (which reminds me—enter the first 250 words of your YA novel into this contest by Nov. 30th. Or read Nathan’s post about the future of e-books).

I’m also in the process of updating my Tags and Categories as I attempt to make this site easier to search.  I welcome suggestions. Does anyone actually use the current Tags? I’m thinking of deleting them and just having Categories and Links. For example, under “Links” I’ve provided a link to all the SUN posts, in case you’re working on a first draft. Or should I keep the Tags and delete the Archives? I’m very biased about the website, so I’d appreciate other opinions.

Any questions or concerns about WERE, WBC, or the website? Or something not starting with a ‘w’?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. See you on Dec. 2nd!


13 thoughts on “Introducing WERE

    • Nope . . . though that’s not a bad idea for future projects. 🙂 In December, I’ll just be discussing ideas to prepare for a second draft. In January (and maybe February), I’ll be working on my second draft and offering motivation for others to work on theirs.

      Are you in?? Don’t you need to write the second draft of the second novel in your series?? 🙂

  1. Yes, I do. I haven’t looked at it in a long while. Plus, I’m writing a short story now, which I’d like for you to read when I’m done if you don’t mind.
    I’m trying my hand at romance. You don’t find too many men who write romance with the main character as a man and from his point of view (probably not much of a market for that). So I’m trying that. You’ll have to tell me if I do okay or if I should stick to blood and guts.
    Also, I really, really want to start my vampire novel. So I think I’ll hold off on that first series for a while. BTW, the final draft of the first novel is done.
    Oh yeah, I had another question for you – why in the world did you want me to be part of the Book Club? Don’t you and I typically have opposite views about stuff? (Ahh, the light clicks on – it’s always interesting to see opposite points of view). =)

    • Of course I’ll look at your short story—can’t wait! So the SS is a romance? I met a man at the Quad Cities Christian Writer’s Conference who wrote romances from a male POV (he had self-published romance novels). I wonder how many published romance novels were written by men, but the publisher gave them a female pseudonym! Or maybe women wouldn’t care if it was written by a man. Anyway, I’ll let you know if I like it! 🙂

      I’m excited about the vampire novel! Do you have any plans for the first novel??

      You and I don’t disagree about EVERYTHING . . . just some things. LOL. I like diversity in my book club! 😀

  2. Right now, the first novel is sitting around gathering dust. Like you, I don’t care if I ever get published. I just like to write. Jeanette’s planning on reading it over Christmas Break. I also need to send a copy to my sister, who is an English major up in Wisconsin. I promised her I’d let her read it.

  3. Oh yeah, the SS is a romance.

    Hmmm, I thought of telling you a little more, but I think I’ll make you wait. And oh yeah, your hubby NEED NOT KNOW ABOUT IT. =)

    • I’ll have to start a list of things not to tell the hubby. 😀 Ooh, secrets add to the suspense!

      Good idea, letting Jeanette and your sister read the novel. I love sharing my stories with family and friends—one of my favorite parts of writing!

  4. “I’ll have to start a list of things not to tell the hubby”

    If I’m gonna be part of your book club, that’s gonna be a really, really long list.
    I’ve got a manly reputation to uphold you know.
    (Coughs and almost gags). =)

    • I don’t blog about poetry because I’m ignorant in that department. But I would be willing to learn more! Are you volunteering to guest blog about poetry? 🙂

      A collection of poetry for the book club? If enough people were interested, I would be up for it . . . but I would feel more comfortable if someone else led the discussion!

  5. I love all types of poetry, but the only two types that I could talk about with any semblence of knowledge would be Haiku and Shakespearean Sonnets. Though I do have quite a few favorite poets.
    So would I guess blog on poetry? Sure, but I wouldn’t do it well. Maybe if Vicky helps me.

    • Okay, I will sign you and Vicki up to guest blog about poetry. 😀 We’ll probably have to wait until the WERE project is over though, so maybe March.

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