Official “Share Your Writing Space” Day

So it’s not an official holiday . . . I made it up. Just go with it, okay??

Back in December, I talked about revamping your writing space as a way to inspire yourself. Well, I’ve been fixing up my office, and I’m finally ready to share some pics! I’m happy with it for now, but no doubt it will change in the future. The next project will be turning my door into storyboard central via magnetic paint.

Before we even moved into this house, I knew I wanted my office to combine some of my favorite things: books, nature, and the color green. I don’t like sitting at my desk on beautiful days, so I decided to bring nature into my office. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but it surpassed my expectations. Now it’s my favorite room in the house, my sanctuary. I smile every time I enter it. I’m looking forward to spending many, many hours in this room.

This office would not exist without the help of my wonderful husband. First he helped me paint the room green, and then he made this desk for me. See the funny corner of the room—it juts out a little, making a typical corner desk impossible. He had to make the two sides separately, based on the wall measurements, and then fit them together. The desktop is plywood, but the legs and shelves are made from oak from his parents’ woods.

He also helped me make and hang the bulletin board. I picked out the fabric (leaves and branches) which we stretched over a corkboard/cardboard combination. Then I tacked on the ribbons. Right now the board holds pictures, memorabilia, quotes, and anything else I find beautiful or inspiring. When the revision process gets crazier, I’m sure I’ll have  a million Post-it notes up there.

I thought my two filing cabinets were ugly, so I covered them with pictures of nature scenes. The desk doesn’t have drawers, so I use the pretty boxes for pens and other supplies. I have two trays for papers I need to file, projects I’m working on, or things I can’t forget to do. The very top shelf has all my writing books. The horizontal books on the corner are books I’m currently reading (a strange combo of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, and CALL OF THE RIVER).

I bought a new chair, which you can barely see in this pic because of the green crocheted blanket. Hey, sometimes my legs get cold.

This is the other side of the office, aka the guest bedroom. Come visit me, and this is where you will sleep. Overnight guests are rare though, so I use it when I want to curl up with a book. Or sometimes I just lie on the bed and stare up at the posters (prairie scenes). The bookcase in the corner is my YA/MG bookcase, which brings me much joy.

This pic shows the storage under the bed. Three of the drawers hold extra sheets and blankets, and two drawers hold computer supplies. To add to the natural decor, I bought bamboo shades for the two windows. It’s currently night, but the bamboo lets in so much light during the day—I love them!

I could go on and on in exhaustive detail, but I’ve probably put you to sleep already. I invite you to celebrate Share Your Writing Space Day! If you have a blog, website, or Facebook profile, post your writing space pictures; then put the link in a comment on this post so we can all check it out! If you have no way of sharing a public link, simply describe your favorite things about your writing space. No writing space? Then tell us about your dreams for a future one!

The Writer’s Book Club is still discussing WHEN YOU REACH ME—stop by if you’ve read the book! Have a good weekend, everyone!


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