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Taking Care of Business

I forgot to announce this sooner: the book for the February’s WBC will be THE LIGHTNING THIEF, by Rick Riordan (appropriate for ages nine and up). Discussion will start February 3rd, with a focus on modifying mythology for contemporary novels. THE LIGHTNING THIEF movie releases February 12th, so I hope all of you will read the book before seeing the movie!

Speaking of the book club, I need your vote. Would you rather have the discussion on WordPress, like we did for SHIVER in December, or on LiveJournal, like we did in January? Please let me know which site you prefer, and majority will rule. Thank you!

I haven’t posted links in awhile; here are a few gems I had to share:

The best marketing for your book is based on the best use of your time, from the ever-helpful Nathan Bransford.

If you have finished writing a YA novel, you might be interested in these two contests.

Click here to learn more about a developing genre called New Adult, with protagonists aged 18-26.

What other business am I forgetting? I’ll be back on Saturday with a post about revision!


6 thoughts on “Taking Care of Business

    • I definitely loo-ove it, too! And I think Riordan did a great job of introducing Greek mythology to the current generation of young people. Can’t wait to discuss the mythology with everyone and read their ideas!

    • WordPress: 2. LJ: 0. Thanks, Pat!

      Look forward to your comments in Feb. Wouldn’t be YOU if all your comments were great, LOL. 😀

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