Catching Up

I apologize for being absent for SO long without any explanation or warning! My new job wiped me out for a couple weeks, but it should be a little slower from now until mid-April.

Just a reminder: the book club meets this Saturday to discuss DAIRY QUEEN! If you’re busy with Easter weekend, feel free to stop by Monday or whenever works for you.

Trying to clean out my linkage by sharing it with all of you . . .

Nathan Bransford:  If you lack confidence in your writing, it may be better than you think—according to the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Ten questions to ask yourself if you’re considering self-publishing your novel.

An easy example of how to write a query letter.

Think your novel has to immediately start with action? Think again.

Five articles on writing for kids.

Seven things James Dashner has learned about writing.

How to create a breakout blog for a pre-published writer.

Perfectionism vs. Progress—need I say more?


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