Hanging On

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately—my job is taking over the world! Or maybe just my free time, which feels like the end of the world. But I’m still planning to host the book club discussion on May 15th, so don’t forget to read LEVIATHAN by Scott Westerfeld!

And to appease you for today, the menu includes link soup!

Ever thought about creating a “bible” for the series you’re writing? Here’s a look into the process via Bransford.

Eight basic writing blunders by Jerry B. Jenkins.

Considering a purchase of an iPad? Tons of reviews floating around out there, but here’s one example. Plus, the possible impact of iPad (and other tech tools) on writers.

The five best agent blogs of 2010—subscribe now.

How to target your submissions to agents. If you win the agent lottery and receive multiple offers of representation, don’t panic! And the related ten questions to ask an agent before you sign.

Five articles on writing with VOICE! Five articles on creating characters!

The pros and cons of using a pen name—consider well.

Part 1 and Part 2 of marketing your book (which can start before you even get an agent or sell the book).

Why to start a blog or website if you haven’t yet sold a book. And the related guide to starting a blog for the pre-published writer.

A great collection of writing advice from several authors.

Check out this post about the motivational willpower a writer requires. And the ever fascinating topic (at least to me) of how to make time to write.

My inbox is clean for the first time all month. That certainly won’t last long. Hope to see you at the book club on Saturday!


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