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Join the Writer’s Book Club in discussing THE LAST SUMMER OF THE DEATH WARRIORS by Francisco X. Stork! No membership or prior involvement required—jump in whenever you want! Discussions are open indefinitely.

To keep from spoiling the book for those who haven’t read it yet, I’ll post the discussion questions in the comments of this post. If you have read the book, click on “Comments” to respond with your thoughts. If you haven’t read it, then what are you waiting for?? Go out and get it!

Remember to be respectful of everyone, and the WBC should run smoothly. Let the discussion begin!


One thought on “LAST SUMMER OF THE DEATH WARRIORS by Francisco Stork


    1. From beginning to end, I was rooting for Pancho to do the right thing. How did Stork create a main character who is both very flawed yet very likable?

    2. Many people say boys don’t read YA, and thus it’s almost impossible to sell a “boy book” in YA. Do you think LAST SUMMER is a realistic story that teenaged guys would enjoy? If so, how did Stork appeal to that audience?

    3. What did you think of D.Q. and his Death Warrior Manifesto?

    4. From D.Q. to Helen, from Pancho to Johnny Corazon, we see different views of faith and healing. How do these various opinions contribute to character development and plot?

    5. Your favorite character and/or scene?

    Stork has a great list of discussion questions on his website: http://www.franciscostork.com/death_warriors_questions.php . You’re welcome to look up a question on that list and discuss it here as well!

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