Writing in Nature

The Notebook

The first day of Writing in Nature!

Writing Tip #1: Get a notebook. As hard as I try to remember ideas until I get home, I know I’m leaking words out of my brain like a dripping faucet. The notebook makes all the difference. It even motivates me to think of more ideas. If one day I wrote a page of notes, I’ll want to write another page the next day!

Any old notebook will do. But if you’re worried about dropping it in the mud or getting caught in a downpour, consider a waterproof notebook (Rite in the Rain is the brand I’m most familiar with). Otherwise, your notebook will be a fair weather friend, and that’s okay, too.

Use your notebook however you want. I usually start with the date, time, location, and weather—for the scientist in me. I also jot down plants and animals I see. But the biggest percentage of the notebook is spent on nature descriptions or story ideas that pop in my head.

Kid Tip #1: Go for a walk with the whole purpose of finding the prettiest leaf. Make it a contest if your child is competitive! Most of the leaves here have fallen, but I still see several brilliant ones on the ground.** Or ask your child to collect as many different colored leaves as possible. Bring a bag for the leaves, and then you can press them under heavy books at home, if so desired.


**I do apologize if you live somewhere with a different season than mine. The good news: if I keep this up long enough, I’ll eventually get to all the seasons!


2 thoughts on “The Notebook

  1. A water proof notebook! Writing in the rain! I’ve never heard of such things. That’s so cool!

    The leaves (of the very few trees in Midland) don’t really change color. It’s so dry they just fall of the tree because they die really fast. But here in the desert, we can look for the prettiest rock! šŸ™‚

    Cool ideas, Erin!

    • OH, thank you for providing an alternate idea for the desert! So nice to have multiple perspectives. šŸ˜€ Thanks for the comment!!

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