Writing in Nature

The Support

Writing in Nature Tip #3: Sometimes it helps to have backup. You know when you start a new diet or exercise plan and you recruit a friend to do it with you? Then you can motivate each other and stay on track. The same concept applies to writing in nature.

Savannah and Victoria are my WIN buddies. I try to email them every night with an excerpt from my notebook. They reply with their own experiences, comments, and insights. This gives me a deeper, broader view of my observations, allowing me to see nature through their eyes as well. It inspires me to write more and better passages every day.

There will be days when you don’t want to go outside, let alone take a notebook and write. If you have a local WIN supporter, he or she can drag you outside, or vice versa. It’s good to have some quiet time in nature, but it can also be fun to share nature with someone else!

Kids in Nature Tip #3: After watching you write in your notebook, your child may want a notebook to call his own! My son isn’t reading and writing on his own yet, but he’s taken a great interest in my notebook. He’ll ask me what I’m writing, then add his suggestions! So I have my observations and his written down in the same notebook. Young children can also draw pictures of what they see in nature. Both the words and pictures are wonderful to revisit in the future.

If your child is old enough to write on his own, try to give him some space. Keeping him in your line of sight, move far enough way that you won’t distract each other. This allows him independence and quiet time to reflect on nature.


3 thoughts on “The Support

  1. Another great insight. Nature is so fun to share with others!
    Ara doesn’t have the skills to write, or even draw anything in nature yet. But sometimes I’ll let her bring a bucket and fill it with rocks, sticks, and flowers that she finds interesting. It’s basically the same concept as a notebook…wanting to record your experience with something tangible.

    • So true! Kids love to collect little things like that. Have you tried rock-painting? Just wash off the rocks and let her paint whatever design she wants! Flowers can be pressed or hung upside down, and sticks can turn into anything!

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