Writing in Nature


Last week’s posts focused on the basics of getting started in nature (the notebook, gear, and support). This week I want to focus on all five senses. This will be the foundation of all your future observations of nature.

Writing in Nature Tip #4: Today concentrate on what you can see. Tune out all other distractions and describe the sights. You may not be inspired with ready-to-use metaphors, but the words you write down can be the building blocks to apply later. I have a particular fondness for colors in autumn. If I say “pumpkin-orange,” you can immediately picture the color I see. If you’re describing the sky, don’t stop at “blue” or “cloudy.” What does it remind you of, or how does it make you feel?

Kids in Nature Tip #4: Several of the leaves here have turned brown, but our willow tree is still green. Talk to your child about the differences in trees and their leaves. Then take her on a scavenger hunt for colors in nature. See how many colors she can find! Then let her make up cool new names for those different shades.


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