Writing in Nature


Writing in Nature Tip #5: Taste is probably the hardest of the five senses to experience in nature, though for our ancestors it was easy. They knew which wild plants and herbs were safe to eat, and they didn’t have to worry about toxic runoffs. They drank ice cold water from streams and never imagined pollution. As a kid I remember sticking out my tongue to taste the rain or snow. But if acid rain is a concern, now even that activity would be frowned upon.

Gathering food from nature can still be an option, but the rules go beyond the scope of this blog. If you’re not already familiar with collecting, you would need (at the very least) a very good field guide to edible plants, seeds, and roots.

We can gain peace of mind by planting our own organic gardens or orchards, or by purchasing food from farmers’ markets. Taste the difference between local food and food that traveled a thousand miles or more to reach your grocery store. Now is the time to till up a plot for next spring. What will you treat your taste buds to??

Kids in Nature Tip #5: Tomorrow looks to be another unseasonably warm day. Why not pack a picnic with your kids? If not a full meal, at least a snack. Take a basket and a blanket to one of your favorite nature spots. Everything tastes better outdoors! It could be your last picnic until spring.

Fall is a time of pumpkin bread and squash soup, of apple cider and roasted marshmallows. Harvest is bountiful and waiting to be shared with children.

If nothing else, part your lips and let in the fragrances of autumn. Taste the breeze and get silly describing it!


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