Writing in Nature


Sorry I’ve been MIA for a few days! Real life issues keep popping up! Hoping to get back on schedule soon. So continuing our exploration of the five senses . . .

Writing in Nature Tip #7: Touch can vary so much in nature. Ever notice how the wind can feel cold or warm, soft or harsh, caressing or stinging? Water can be icy-cold runoff from a glacier or steaming in a hot spring. Nature is constantly changing, so a description today may not work for tomorrow!

Don’t settle for a lazy, ordinary description. Get out there and feel what you’re describing! Is a leaf brittle, smooth, cracked, crunchy? Is a seed fuzzy, spiky, prickly, sticky? Dirt can be packed hard or gooey mud, and sand can be coarse or fine. Feel the trunks of different trees and compare the bumpy to the scratchy to the flaky. Nature offers every texture from the silt in a stream to the thorn of a rose.

Kids in Nature Tip #7: Get an opaque bag and fill it with treasures from nature: grasses, rocks, twigs, seeds, tree bark, leaves, flowers, etc. Then have your child close her eyes, reach in the bag, and try to guess each object by how it feels. If she needs warming up beforehand, go for a nature hike where she can hone her touching skills! Supervise her discoveries and ask her to describe each thing.

Explain how seeds have unique functions. Some are designed to stick to fur or clothing, some are meant to be eaten by animals and transferred that way, and still others are meant to travel by wind, like the seeds of this butterfly weed:



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